The Truth ~

The truth is something of a luxury to most people. In order to see it, you need to put aside preconceived notions, personal affection, and emotion. The truth doesn't deal in the irrational. It doesn't care about how you feel, or what you think. It simply exists. Unfortunately for most people, whether directly or indirectly, they deny the truth because it is inconvenient. 

Within a fandom that has so many moving parts, the truth gets easily lost. People respond to things without considering them first, a hundred different opinions are always swirling around, and no one wants to take sides on anything because it goes against the common goal. 

As for us, our current goal is to give a voice to all victims of abuse, and to correct the injustice that has been served to Johnny Depp. 

I want nothing but the truth to exist. I don't want it muddied, I don't want it twisted, I don't want it forgotten. I am not a person that wants to control how others think, I am not a person who wants to turn people against others, and I am not a person who wants to manipulate a situation. I only want to understand and educate. 

So, with that being said, all I am doing here is giving people the truth that I hope they will base any future opinions or actions off of, whatever those actions may be. 

Elle-Rose is someone whom I have admired and respected ever since I watched her first video back in 2017. I have always found her to be very intelligent, and told her many times that I considered her a friend. 

I have consistently defended her against anyone who wanted to make her life difficult, and I have been incredibly supportive of her from Day 1, something that she has publicly acknowledged. 

Elle-Rose is STILL someone I admire and respect for the tireless work she does for victims of domestic violence, and for Johnny Depp. 

I have come to 

These are the only two screenshots I could find, but there are not many people that I respect more than I respect Elle-Rose. 

understand that Elle-Rose may  have had issues with Brian before this situation happened, and that those issues fueled everything that happened. Originally, when I spoke to Matty about his thoughts on Brian, I thought that Elle had nothing to do with it, and that he was speaking entirely on his own. I now see that I was wrong. 

I publicly said that I wanted no-one to bother Elle-Rose or attack her over what Matty was saying, because again, I didn't think she had anything to do with it. 

I have also come to understand that Elle-Rose may have had a few people that she was speaking to about her opinions on Brian, and subsequently, about me. One of those people is Ives, a person whom I know through Kris (Lazarus). As far as I am aware, they are sisters.


On June 13th, Ives wrote a thread about how we have been exploiting Johnny Depp by spreading around private information. Specifically, the thread was aimed at Brian. Below are the comments I made to her. 

Lazarus then

responded to my thread with her own comments. I don't have screenshots of them, but needless to say, they were rude, argumentative, and unnecessary. Here are a few of my responses to her comments.

I then wrote a thread talking about my feelings towards this entire situation. Screenshots of this thread are below. 

The reason that I often write a detailed thread about situations is because I like to have something to leave as evidence of how I felt or what happened. I don't like to hide, I don't like to pretend, and I don't like others to form their own opinions about me because I didn't say anything. 

After this

I expected the situation to be over. 

But let's go back for a second to before I read Ive's thread. Lazarus had DM'ed me the following message, I believe the previous day:

Take note of a few things. She says she "adores me" (this will be important later) and she also explains how she feels about Brian (and, I'm assuming, how Elle-Rose feels as well). 

She sent this message to me because she was convinced that Brian had been talking about her in a tweet (and about Elle-Rose.) 

As you can see, he was incredibly argumentative, rude, abusive, and incorrect. Anyone who can suggest that he was "just expressing his opinion" apparently has a rather skewed idea of how an opinion is supposed to be expressed. 

Elle-Rose has 

said that she believes that herself and Matty were "attacked" about his "opinion'.

She accuses me of attacking Matty, among other things which I will get to later. She also says that he used "brutal honesty", and that he "spoke his mind". The issue with using brutal honesty and speaking your mind is that you had better make sure what you are saying is even half correct, and it would help if you would do it in such a way that didn't make you look like a five year old man child. Yes, that was directed at Matty and yes, it is the truth. He looked like a child. I will say this again later. 

Below is every

single thing I said to Matty or Elle on June 14th. I said nothing else to them, or about them, at all, since then, without it being a response to something else (which I'll get to). 

Here are the main take aways from these screenshots:

- I was respectful to Matty the entire time. I did not insult him, I did not bully him, and I did not attack him. 

- I told Elle-Rose, when she entered the conversation that I had no interest in conversing with her about the matter, because I tell it would get us nowhere but fighting. I didn't want to fight. 

- The only thing I did here was defend Brian. 


After this I did

not say a single thing to Elle, about Elle, to Matty, about Matty, to Lazarus, or about Lazarus. The next time I said anything about the situation AT ALL was in response to a hateful DM that someone sent me because of this thread. Screenshots are below:

I have already wrote a thread about one of these sections (the first one), but I deleted it when I thought the situation had ended. I will again explain.

I never told Matty he had to follow me. Twitter has a weird habit of unfollowing people, and I checked with Matty when he unfollowed me to make sure it wasn't a Twitter glitch. I did not care whether he was following me or not. 

Yes, I had asked her to share Brian's videos. 

I am genuinely confused about what "lies" she is talking about here. 

Another thing

that she chose to bring up is that we don't care about male victims, only Johnny. She accused me of this, and "people", which I can only assume means all of you. I know for a fact that anyone I follow cares deeply about all victims of domestic violence, and their motivation for defending Johnny Depp lies largely in giving men a voice, not just because it is JD. Below is a gallery of tweets I have made in support of male victims in general. These are all from after the situation, because for whatever reason Twitter didn't let me search for anymore than that. Anyone can vouch that I have been tweeting about male victims in general for a long time. 

She also said

that both myself and Brian have been making "cryptic tweets" about her. This is false. I have not said a word about her anywhere publicly since June 14th. She also said that we are "taking advantage of a situation" which is also false, as I have proven time and time again. 

On June 14th, the same day the fall out happened, one of her followers DM'ed me the following message:

As you can probably imagine, I didn't like getting a message like this too much. However, I left it alone for a few days. 

However, eventually I decided to say something about it. I wrote a post because I was upset in response to the following conversation that took place a few days later:

The following is the post that I wrote in response:

Part of this is a callback to something I said to the same follower that DM'ed me. I have posted that tweet below.

Again, I never want anyone to choose sides because I told them to or because she told them to. I want them to do whatever they are going to do only based on the truth. If they still choose to be on her side, cool. If they side with me, cool. If they remain neutral, cool. 

I was only asking them to consider my side of the story. 

After that

I also wanted to address this tweet quickly. I blocked Elle and Matty on June 14th to stop the situation from escalating further. I never stalked her profile, I shared only one tweet, and I never painted myself to be an angel. 

I did not say anything else publicly AT ALL about the situation until Elle-Rose put out her personal statement, which I also got upset about because I took some of the things she was saying personally. 

Until this

When I read her personal statement, I admit, I did get a little upset, and tweeted about it. 

It seemed to me that she was calling me a petty narcissistic individual, which I am most definitely not. 

Then Laz

tweeted about the situation after I wrote the above thread. Laz had nothing to do with the situation as far as anyone was concerned, but she still chose to talk about it. Her excuse was that she was defending Elle-Rose, which would be fine if I had said anything about Elle-Rose that required defending. I didn't. I was defending myself against Elle-Rose.